24 horas, 365 días, 35 años

24 HORAS, 365 DÍAS, 35 AÑOS (24 HOURS, 365 DAYS, 35 YEARS)

This is the title of the documentary that captures in a human way and through its direct protagonists, workers and patients, the Basque health service’s yesterday and today.

Osakidetza was born in 1983 and since then its development has been constant. This documentary is part of the celebrations commemorating its 35th anniversary.

It gathers a whole life full of milestones that have accompanied us, all Basques,  for more than three decades. And we trust it will remain with us in the future.

The protagonists of this documentary story are characters that are attractive  for their own personal testimony, but also for the memory they evoke.

They are testimonies of people that have used the services of Osakidetza at different times and have been protagonists of the milestones that have marked the history of the Basque Health Service.

Different stages and concrete facts that slip through the lives of our characters.

Las y los protagonistas de esta historia documental son personajes atractivos por su propio testimonio personal, pero también por la memoria que evocan.

Son testimonios que en distintos momentos han utilizado los servicios de Osakidetza y han sido protagonistas de los hitos que han marcado la historia del Servicio Vasco de Salud.

Diferentes etapas, hechos concretos,  que se cuelan a través de la vida de nuestros personajes .

DIRECTORS: Maite Ibañez, Begoña Atin

TV PRODUCER: Imanol López

SCREENPLAY: Maite Esparza, Maite Ibañez

PRODUCER: Miren Esparza

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 60 minutes

Broadcasted on: Etb1 – Etb2

Year: 2018

A production for