Por derecho propio. El concierto económico vasco

POR DERECHO PROPIO. El concierto económico vasco (IN ITS OWN RIGHT. The Basque Economic Agreement)

Historical documentary that covers the 140 years of life of the Basque Economic Agreement -those that run between 1878 and 2018-,  going back to its origins: the fueros (special legislative privileges), a set of rules that facilitated one of the first democratic political systems in Europe from the Middle Ages.

The Basque Economic Agreement is being pursued on a basis of stereotypes and accusations. He is often attacked for ignorance. This documentary seeks answers, shows concrete data, investigates the facts, and introduces the real protagonists, as well as the various political conjunctures that have shaped their destiny over time.

It is a documentary film that combines historical fiction with interviews with historians, and the first-person account of direct protagonists in the evolution of the Agreement from the Spanish transition to today.

DIRECTORS: Maite Ibañez, Begoña Atin

ACTOR: Urko Olazabal

TV PRODUCER: Imanol López

SCREENPLAY: Maite Ibañez, Maite Esparza

PRODUCERS: Miren Esparza, Begoña Atin



Type: Historical Documentary

Duration: 60 minutes

Broadcasted on: Etb2

Year: 2018