Throughout history and over the centuries, thousands of Basques had to emigrate outside the Basque Country in seek of a better future. Now we are the ones that search all over the world for their footprints to invite their descendants to travel to their roots, to their origin.

What will it be like to be reunited with relatives you don’t know? How will you feel when visiting the land of your ancestors? How far will the investigation of their family origins take them? What stories and adventures will this investigation hold for them?

Protagonists who live miles away from the place from which their predecessor had to emigrate and who, despite the years that have passed and the kilometers that separate them, maintain a feeling of deep connection with their roots.

Historical research becomes the starting point for a whole series of experiences that lead to sharing, to excitement, and to enjoying that sense of identity with the country of origin.

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Format: Factual

Duration: 70 minutes

Broadcasted on: Etb2

Programming slot: Prime time

Episodes: 6

Year: 2016